Spring! The best season to start running?

Now this is a perhaps a controversial statement but we think that glorious Spring time is the best time of year to start running! Why is that? Well the list of reasons is endless;

  • Clock change will soon be upon us leading to longer days and lighter evenings
  • Its warmer! Its time to ditch the jumpers and winter headbands and head to the TGR shop for vest, t-shirts and visors.
  • Spring time flowers! What’s more to be said here? Who doesn’t love a good view of daffodils and crocuses when you run?
  • The summer fun runs are upon us so its time to put in the hardwork and preparation before the summer events are here.
  • Its not too hot! We are all a bit fussy when it comes to temperature, we don’t like it too cold but also we don’t like it too hot. Spring time brings along some gorgeous running temperatures.

What’s not to like? Spring time has been voted as the best season to start running by the lovely team at This Girl Runs.

Sign up for our Spring 8 week beginner courses is now open!

We have courses starting soon at
Lichfield (Thursday 21st March),
Solihull (Wednesday 3rd April),
Tamworth (Tuesday 19th March)
Wolverhampton (Wednesday 3rd April).
If you are interested in more information all you have to do is click the blue button below to visit our website for full details.

NB – We are hoping to bring beginner courses back to Redditch very soon, we are currently communicating with the Council to align our timetables. 

We hope you’ve had a great start to 2019 and that you’ve lots of fun and active plans for this Spring. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you’d like to join us for some running with our beginner or Keep Me Going groups.