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Welcome to This Girl Runs - Lichfield
We are thrilled to announce the launch of This Girl Runs - Lichfield! Our first beginner sessions start in January 2019 at Cathedral Walk. This club is the 5th club in the This Girl Runs family. We are open to all abilities of runners, especially complete beginners. We are a friendly, encouraging community. This is as much about making friends and helping others as it is about running! 

Hurry! Places are selling out fast for our Zero to 3km! & Let's Go 5km! beginner running courses in January. Don't miss out, the clock is ticking...

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How to join our amazing run club!
All you need to do is decide whether you want to join our Zero to 3km course or our Let's Go 5km course. All the details of our next courses are below, just click the course you are interested in and get yourself signed up. Please note our courses do sell out very quickly, so please don't put off signing up until the last minute... We may not have any spaces left. 
(8-week Beginner Run Course)
Zero to 3km! is an ideal 8 week course for ladies who haven’t exercised in a long time or ladies who struggle with injuries. We start from zero and slowly build up run-walk intervals over the 8 weeks to reach our end goal; running for 20 minutes solid. Each week there is optional homework to complete in your own time.
(8-week Beginner Run Course)
Let's Go 5km! Is perfect for ladies who are beginner runners and would like to build up to running 5km charity or park run events. We start off slowly and build up run-walk intervals over the 8 weeks to our goal; running for 30 minutes. Each week there is optional homework to complete in your own time. 
The Let's Go 5km! course is a slightly faster pace than the Zero to 3km course.

The minimum age to run with This Girl Runs is 12 years of age
If you would like to speak to one of the team about which course is right for you then email us at;

Or message us on our Facebook Page;