This Girl Runs – Virtual Couch to 5km! – January


Hi ladies, 👋🏼😃. Due to COVID19, we’ve decided not to put face to face beginner courses on this January. Instead, come and join us for our Virtual Couch to 5km programme. We know how hard completing Couch to 5km can be without some community support and that’s where we come in!
  • Starts week commencing 11th January 2021
  • 4 LIVE Facebook sessions a week – you will be able to see our Run Leader on video and chat with them via text. (Don’t worry you won’t be on video).
  • Our chatty Run Leader will talk you through the session of the day and give you all the hints, tips and motivation you need.
  • Your Run Leader will take you through a gentle warm up and set you off on your session
  • You’ll then complete your run (where ever in the country you are) using the NHS Couch to 5km app
  • Your lovely Run Leader will be waiting to welcome you back from your run and celebrate your success!
  • To finish your Run Leader will take you through some cool down stretches and enjoy some chatter.

We have a private Facebook group full of friendly, chatty ladies, all doing the course at exactly the same time as you. We’ll be helping and supporting each other along the journey🥳. Go on, give us a whirl, come & join us it’s going to be great fun.😃😄



Here’s how it works…

1. Sign up online for Virtual Couch to 5km  
All the details are above. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to drop us a line at admin@thisgirlruns.club.
2. Join our private Facebook group!
After you sign up, we will send you a link to the group. If you can, please join our private Facebook group, This is where we will go LIVE and lead your virtual sessions.
3. Download the Couch to 5km app!
Once you’ve signed up we’ll send you instructions of exactly which app you need to download for your android phone or iphone.
4. Join in with the LIVE sessions on Facebook!  
Having a group of like-minded, friendly ladies to meet online for our virtual sessions will help you commit to completing all the sessions in the Couch to 5km programme. Here’s our session table of LIVE sessions;
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